Friday Favorites – Madison

 Philosophical Inquiry is one of the courses that I am currently taking this spring   quarter. The online platform is unique, but has worked amazingly with this   class. It has become one of my favorite classes that I have taken yet at DePaul.   The topic of this philosophy class focuses on existentialism and provides   interesting insights into a philosophy that I was previously unfamiliar with and has expanded my thoughts on many ideas surrounding the topic. 

This class focuses largely on reading material particularly the novels of Albert Camus, a well-known existential author and philosopher. Each week we are assigned to read a portion of one of these novels and the classes, which takes place once a week through Zoom, is structured as an open discussion about the reading. Each reading and discussion is very interesting and relevant. The readings thus far are fictional novels with strong underlying existential philosophical ideas.

The first novel we were assigned to read this quarter was Albert Camus’, The Plague. The novel was very interesting, the pages seemed to turn themselves. In addition, the book provided for very interesting discussions entirely relevant to the current situation in the midst of facing COVID-19 sparking unique discussion over dealing with life in these types of situations. 

The entire class is structured extremely well and provides unique insights in fun and exciting ways through open discussion centered on reading material that is equally as intriguing leading Honors 105 Philosophical Inquiry to become my favorite course at DePaul thus far.  

– Madison Hannah