Friday Favorites – Madi

I am currently a sophomore, and as I continue to work through my liberal studies requirements I have gotten the chance to take some interesting courses. Besides my love for writing, I’m interested in geography, history, political science, and many other social and liberal arts subjects. Here are some of my favorite courses I have had the pleasure of taking so far at DePaul!

Video Editing (DC120) with Victor Aronovich

This class has proved to be extremely useful and helpful more much more than just the average small video. The course went over all the basics of using the Adobe Premiere software and what you should or should not use when making a video. We then spent a lot of time practicing how to compose different types of videos: action scenes, documentaries, and interviews. I have been able to use the skills developed in this class in almost every project I do for other courses, and for my own personal video projects as well.

The World, 1900-Present (HST113) with Jay Nelson

This was a really fun course to take! It covers a lot of content, as it is an international history course crunched into 10 weeks; however Professor Nelson made it a fun course to take and it is not too hard if you apply yourself during class. Professor Nelson definitely knows history very well, and makes the course come alive with his story-telling and teaching. I learned more about history during that time period because I got to learn it from a global perspective; prior to this class I had only been able to take American history courses. Overall, the class is a very fun and refreshing way to take a history course.

 Introduction to Journalism (JOUR275) with Jason Martin         

 This class is hands-down, the best journalism class I have taken thus far at DePaul.   Professor Martin, who is also the head of the journalism department at DePaul,   covers all the fundamentals of journalism in a clear and concise way that is easy to   learn. Throughout the course we did several reports and projects that helped us begin to master the basic skills. I feel like I have learned more about journalism in this class than any other.

– Madi Garcia