Friday Favorites – Gina

 1. Focal Point Seminar- Movie Musicals with Professor Douglass Long

This is a phenomenal class. Doug Long is not only an excellent professor who is really passionate about movie musicals, but he wants all his students to succeed with flying colors. If you’re interested in movie musicals, I highly suggest this class as a focal point seminar. 

 2. Criminal Law and Procedure with Ron DeWald

 This course pushed my capabilities and really taught me how to prepare for   challenging exams. Ron wants the best of all of his students. If you’re a   Criminology major, I recommend taking a class with him as a first year student! 

3) English 101 with Paula McQuade

Paula McQuade is a wonderful professor. She teaches you the inner workings of the history behind every novel we read in class. She cares about your works, offers plenty extra credit, and is incredibly supportive. If you’re in the English department, I highly recommend taking her classes as often as possible. 

 4) Spanish- Advanced Conversation with Brenda Carrillo

 Professor Carrillo is a very understanding and personable professor. As a   Spanish minor, classes at DePaul really push me to try my hardest. She is very   encouraging in allowing all of her students to earn the credit for the work they   do. 

5) ACT 290 as a liberal arts credit

I took this class as a break from a rough schedule. It really was interesting. If you are looking for a class to take in the midst of a challenging schedule and you enjoy theatre, this is the class for you! 

An honorable mention of professors I recommend taking: Ed Stevens (LSP 120), Gabrielle Simons (WRD 103/4), & Douglass Long (Communications). All very passionate and amazing professors! Their classes are fun and challenging in a way that really helps you grow as a student. 

– Gina Arndt