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My first midterms in college are here and these Study Tips are really helping me out!! Hopefully, these help you out, too!

1. Making a list/ staying organized

Every day I wish I was blessed with a photographic memory, yet unfortunately, I disappoint myself every time 🙁 Small details my professor told me often skip my brain, which can be detrimental if you are particular about your grades. This first tip is very basic but it can go a long way. Taking note of everything you have to get done (and how) can help you stay organized. Some people rely on applications such as notion or digital to-do lists, while others swear by paper planners. I personally use a mix of both. I use my diary to write a general to-do list for the week, and then my notes app on my phone to make a more detailed daily to-do list. Some like to schedule their tasks using specific time frames (which never works for me), as it gives them a clear idea of how much time they should invest in a particular task, which can give them that desired grade.

2. Listen to music

Music has helped me tremendously to focus for many years. I can easily work with normal mainstream songs, however, many people (including one of my professors) prefer working with instrumentals instead as the lyrics usually distract them from their train of thought. If you have a lot of trouble focusing quickly, then I would suggest listening to something which will induce panic within you. Listening to the “Kahoot! 10 seconds countdown OST 10 Hours edition” for some reason always boosts my work rate and doubles it. Similarly scaring my brain to focus has interestingly worked too. “Corpse Party: Blood Covered OST – Chapter 1’s Main Theme (Extended)” on YouTube has terrified me into finishing all my work faster than ever before. These aren’t the only approaches you can take, of course. Many low-key alternatives such as library ambient music or Lofi hip-hop playlists are more famous amongst students to work at their own pace.

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3. Work with friends!

Some people prefer working alone, however, that isn’t the case for everyone. Many also benefit from their friends constantly helping them to stay on track. Back in India my friends and I used to make a Zoom meet link and work on our own tasks at our own pace. The company alone helped us tons to stay focused. There are several online websites and software which systematically allow you to do “Pomodoro”. Some of them even have built-in online games to keep you occupied during the breaks.

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4. Animedoro/ Reward yourself

Speaking of Pomodoro, there is a similar method which I am a big fan of: “Animedoro”.  Work for 40 minutes, watch an episode for 20 minutes, repeat! Rewarding yourself is the best way to keep your brain motivated. You can gift yourself anything, a small snack you fancy, listening to a playlist you love, reading a chapter from an intriguing book, or just meditating. The point is to do something completely different from studying, as then you give yourself enough of a break to start working hard once again.

Best Luck for College!