Tips for after finishing an internship

Summer just ended and I just finished up my Summer internship. I was so glad to have made the relationships I did there and have the opportunity to work there again. Here are some great tips to follow if you are finishing up an internship and want to end on a good note with your organization/company.






1. Show thanks

Make sure you thank the hiring time and everyone you worked with. Definitely make sure to do so in person before you leave and in addition you can send out thank you emails and personal notes on Thank You cards- I typically do all three.

2. Keep in touch

Make sure to add your coworkers on LinkedIn and get their contact information. It’s good to check in and update your past employers on skills you may be using currently that you learned from your experience. It’s also great to just check in and see how people are doing.

3. Be honest about your experience

Give feedback if your organization asks for it. My organization asked me to write about what I did and didn’t like during my time and it helps them to build a better experience constructively.

4. Ask for advice

It is likely everyone you’re working with has had great professional experience, reach out and ask for any career advice you may need.

5. Think long-term

Think about your experience and see if this is a place you can see yourself working at in the future, possible full-time.

6. Make a list of what you’ve learned

Many employers will ask about your previous experience and what skills you’ve gained. It’s easy to forget, so make a list as you are interning or right after you’re done so you have talking points. 

7. Update your resume and LinkedIn

Keep others updated and make sure to update your experience and information on LinkedIn. Also, always keep your resume up to date, DePaul has a great career center that always has available appointment for someone to review your resume.

8.Ask for recommendations

If you’ve done a great job, and great connections, ask your boss if they would be open to writing any recommendations you may need in the future. 

9. Say goodbye

Make sure you show your face to everyone you’ve worked with before you leave the office on your last day, it’s the perfect time to thank everyone individually for the experience.

10. Show interest!

If you want a full-time or want to come back and work more possibly part-time, it’s a good thing to express it. This shows your interest, and it’s possible they may your help still. 

– Richa Patel