Finding Yourself on Campus As a Commuter Student

Show your face 

DePaul has over 350 organizations on campus! There are sports, Greek life, all the way to gaming and dance clubs. You WILL find your place on campus and if those clubs did not work for you, than you can make one. Going to that one event will make you want to go to many more. I know you’re scared, I was scared too, but show up to the events and somebody will talk to you. Don’t be like I was Freshman year and go to class then go right back home- even studying on campus makes a huge difference.

Your friends are SUBJECT TO CHANGE 

College is for YOU! That simply means be the best you that you can be. This is a place for you to develop life-changing skills, not just academic-wise, but socially. By being in college some will not understand why you are so busy and you may lose friends but those weren’t your friends in the beginning. Get friends that support you and want to see you and themselves succeed. You might have friends for certain things and that’s okay, but be honest with yourself and them.

Don’t be afraid to seek out resources 

Don’t be afraid to seek out resources because, guess what? YOU PAY FOR THEM! Talk to your professors and advisors because they are here for you! Also, talk to the people around you such as classmates. In addition, look out for research opportunities and on-campus jobs.  You will gain life long friends and opportunities for participating in different activities. 

– DaZha Faggins