5 Tips to Navigating Finances During College

Money is difficult to manage effectively, especially as a college student. Here are some quick, easy ways to save money effectively while at college.

1. Put money aside every month. Even a small amount will help establish the habit of saving.

2. Don’t buy on impulse. Of course, it’s great to buy things that bring us joy, but cutting down on meaningless purchases help to save a lot of money at college.

3. Buy used textbooks. Textbooks are really expensive for a book you are only going to use for 10 weeks. Buying used textbooks can save hundreds of dollars per quarter.

4. Use your student ID. Bring your student ID everywhere, many businesses give student discounts.

5. Meal prep. Meal prepping can help reduce the urge to spend money at a restaurant. Spending an hour every week to plan out meals for the week not only encourages healthy spending habits but healthy eating as well.

– Katrina