Favorite Indoor Activities in Chicago

Chicago is filled with unique places to go that aren’t just for shopping or eating.  One of my favorite activities is to visit different neighborhoods and try local spots that are more than just a restaurant or shop.  This is a list of my favorite places.

1.  ACE Bounce

ACE Bounce is located in the loop right along the Chicago Riverwalk.  It is a bar that is primarily focused on the games that they offer.  They offer shuffleboard, cup pong, and my favoriteping pong!  I celebrated my birthday at ACE Bounce this year, and it was a hit amongst all of my friends.  Previously, I had brought out-of-town family members to the establishment and they loved it as well.  It was the perfect activity that allowed for my family to see the Loop, but 


we were also able to enjoy an inexpensive activity that kept us entertained throughout bad weather.

2.  Flight Club

Flight Club is actually located directly next to ACE Bounce and offers a similar environment.  However, their main focus is darts.  If you grew up having all of your birthday parties at bowling alleys, I recommend trying out throwing darts for your next party.  It was highly interactive and they had advanced technology that made scorekeeping and game playing fun and easy.  

3.  Pink Squirrel

Pink Squirrel is located in Wicker Park and is known for their small bowling lanes.  This isn’t your traditional bowling, which is why I love it.  It is easy to wrangle up a few friends and enjoy some great milkshakes and friendly competition.  They’re always switching up the decor to different themes, which always keeps it interesting.  Pro-tip for those of legal drinking age:  Welcome Back Lounge, located right across the street, gives out free hot dogs to their patrons at Midnight on the weekends.  Plan accordingly!

4.  Replay

Replay is an arcade bar located just a 10-minute walk north from the DePaul Lincoln Park campus.  Though it is only accessible to those who are 21+, the focus is still on the games.  The entire building is packed full of pinball machines and classic games like Pacman and Galaga!  All of the games are free to enjoy.  I live close by, so my roommates and I often go to just enjoy some games in the evening and walk right home.  They also are known for going all out on their decorations: They set up cubicles outside for their “The Office” theme!

5.  Big Mini Putt Club

Mini golf can be an all-season event thanks to the rise of mini golf bars in the Chicago area.  This place is a great opportunity to get competitive and have some fun with your friends, and you don’t need to be 21+ to go!  They have a couple of locations throughout the city, making it easy to get to.  They have a great course, and it is the perfect activity to do when it is a dark and gloomy day.