Facing Finals: Finding a Balance Between Books and Brains

It is officially that season: Finals are here for Fall Quarter. It seems that this time of the quarter (and year in general) seems to fly by. Once we hit midterms, the last five weeks end in the blink of an eye. Even though it seems daunting, I try not to let the finals panic set in. I like to prepare in advance. My number one preparation is organization: I have a planner where I write down all assignments and I keep a calendar as well. This lets me look and see when the bulk of my work will be due so I can try to get smaller assignments done early. This way, when finals week rolls around, I do not have to stress about anything other than exams.

My next step is to find study spots and stick with them. It is easy to stay home and do work there, but it is also easier to get distracted there. For that reason, I love to go to Starbucks since they are open later than other coffee shops and just unpack everything I need to work on there. I make outlines for any final papers and a checklist of what I need to study for and go from there. Being in a public setting personally helps me focus on what I am doing instead of chores that need to be done or, of course, TikTok. The library is also a great option to get some extra finals prep done!

Another thing that is important to remember is that even though finals are a big part of your grade, they are not everything. Do not overwork yourself or harm your mental health to get a couple extra points- take tasks one at a time and if you are struggling, it is always great to go to the writing center for papers, office hours for professors, and DePaul’s counseling services! I also love to go to yoga at the Ray to clear my mind- during busy times, it is a great way to refresh and clear the mind. These resources are available to all students so I try to make the most of them. 

This week, I am loading up on coffee study sessions, walking to clear my mind, and getting enough sleep to function (very important!!). Looking forward to powering through my finals, heading home for break, and celebrating the end of a quarter full of hard work!


Be here next year to experience DePaul!