Getting Around DePaul’s Loop Campus

A black sign outside with snow on the ground with the words “DePaul University” “The Richard H. Driehaus College of Business” in blue and gold colors.

DePaul’s Loop Campus can be a little confusing at first. From DePaul Center floor 8, being Lewis floor 10, to never knowing if the elevator is going up or down, it can be crazy.  I know personally it took me a little time wandering around to get it and there are still things I am finding out. But it is safe to say I have mastered the elevators!

There are a couple buildings downtown and it depends what your major is on where you end up having classes. As a business student I spend a lot of time in DePaul Center, Lewis, and the Daley building. There is also the CDM building. To start off  I want to talk about DePaul Center, which is where the Barnes and Noble bookstore is located. It hosts the Driehaus College of Business, each floor has different things. The first couple floors are classrooms and offices, the Coleman Entrepreneur Center, Career Center, and much more. The library is located on the 10th floor and the student center & cafeteria is on the 11th floor. The student center has seating and is a great place to socialize, plus  it is also where the dining hall is located. It offers a great place to catch up with friends, grab a quick meal, or work on homework. DePaul Center itself has a lot to offer and don’t forget to check out the Loop Life Office on the first floor, which almost always has something fun going on. 

 Sienna, a college student in a blue jacket outside the DePaul campus in the loop. In front of the sign “DePaul University Driehaus College”. One the left side two different angles of DePaul’s Center Barnes and Noble entrance.

Now the Lewis Center houses the College of Law, but don’t be surprised if you have a class or two in the building. The first time that happened I was a little suspicious. The great thing about the Lewis building is that there is a sky bridge that you can go over to be in DePaul center, which means not having to leave the warm buildings in winter. The thing to watch out for is that the building’s floors are off set of each other so DePaul Center floor 8 is Lewis floor 10. I still get mixed up sometimes, but there’s no shame in getting back on the elevator or taking the stairs for a floor or too. The Lewis center has some quiet spots too. My favorite is on the 13th floor which has a quiet nook area. 

A laptop open on the edge of the screen, facing out lots of tables, computers, and comfy chairs in a computer lounge located at DePaul. With the words “DePaul’s Communication Hub” in blue at the bottom.

There is also the Communications building which again has classrooms and offices. This is also where the Idea Realization Lab is located. The first floor also has a computer lab and lots of comfy seating. If I have down time and want somewhere quiet, this is the place to go. Just make sure you have your I.D. on you to swipe in with. 

The CDM building is home of the Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media. It has a lot of computer labs and spaces for CDM students. Also in the basement is a small gym!


A map of DePauls loop campus in Chicago, outlining the different buildings and “L” lines.

 The trick to mastering the elevators is to remember that a white light means it’s going up and a red light means it is going down. There are a lot of little nooks and places to discover on the loop campus and I suggest just wandering around once in a while.

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