Dorm Life at DePaul

As I was preparing to move to DePaul, I constantly grew anxious on what it would be like to live in the dorms. The tour guides and everyone else tries their best to share what it is like, but I knew I wouldn’t really know until I got there myself. My experience in the dorms, even though it was short, was very special and memorable for me. And I have my roommates to thank for that. I personally think the make or break in dorm life has to do with the people you live with. If you love your roommates, you’re going to want to be home all the time, and if you hate them then yeah, you’ll never really be in the dorms. Picking roommates is super stressful, and my only piece of advice is to choose people who have a good sense of humor and who is able to balance well with your personality. But that’s just me. Dorm life really depends on not only roommates but also which hall you live in.

 I lived in Clifton-Fullerton Hall and it was more on the quieter side with   not that much social life in the lounges, since our rooms were so large. I   know in other dorms, everyone would hang out in the lounges, but that   was not the case for me. The room itself was very nice, even though I was   in a converted triple, there was totally enough space for everyone. And the   bathrooms were not bad at all. Other dorms have communal bathrooms, but I just wasn’t super thrilled about that, so I opted not to be in a dorm like that. I always felt safe in the dorms, there’s always desk attendants who ensure everyone coming in and out of the building lived there, and all the dorms are very close to campus. All my classes were only a 5-minute walk away from where I lived and that was very beneficial. My dorm life was unfortunately cut short, but I will never forget all the people I met and the memories I made during my first year.    

– Therese Reyes