Discovering New Hobbies As A Young Adult

Author, Marina and childhood best friend standing in an art studio holding up their Halloween paintings from class.

As a full-time college student, it can be challenging to pick up a new hobby! I feel the anxiety every time I hear the dreaded question, “So what do you do for fun”? I rack my brain and the only answers that seem to run through my head are… shopping and TikTok. While I love both of those things, I wouldn’t consider them my ‘hobbies’. 

I’ve made it my mission to discover new hobbies. In an article from TIME Magazine, they explain how research suggests that picking up a new hobby can lead to “better physical health, more sleep, lower stress, greater life satisfaction, a larger social network, and improved work performance.” These all sound like great things to me!

Bottles of paint in an art studio

Recently I went to a Paint N’ Sip with my best friend from elementary school. It took me back to our childhood, back to when we shared an art class and loved creating art together! My love for painting continued throughout high school and I painted in my free time quite often. But, when I came to college, I never brought my brushes or canvases. I hadn’t painted in years! After this class, I quickly remembered how much joy that hobby brought me, and immediately placed an Amazon order for some supplies.

In the past few weeks, I’ve done more paintings than in the last four years! Somehow, my skills are even better than the last time I did it. Probably because as an adult with a more developed brain, my perspective skills and depth perception are better. Getting back to this hobby, has given me something fun to do in my free time, besides scrolling for hours on TikTok. I’m even planning a painting event with my friends so we can do it together! 

If you’ve been meaning to try a new hobby or pick back up an old one, this is your sign to do it!!

DePaul has so many resources for you to learn new things. Check out the Student Involvement Board to find an event or outing, where you can try something new with other students! 

~ Marina

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