DePaul’s Driehaus Cup

The Driehaus sign lights up with a balloon backdrop.
What is the Driehaus Cup? The Driehaus Cup is a pitch competition and celebration for Business 101 students. At the end of the quarter students in the class compete with their business ideas by pitching their ideas in front of a panel of professionals. Students who make it to the Driehaus Cup receive scholarship prizes and the winning team’s name is added to the Driehaus Cup! It is a great way to end the quarter with classmates, snacks, and fun competition.
Business 101 gives students a great introduction to all things business. From learning about economics, finances, marketing, and more it offers a great overview. Students spend about half the quarter in teams working on a new business idea. This was definitely my favorite part of the class. It is a great way to dip one’s toes into creating a business plan and pitch. Groups all pitch their ideas at the end of class, and then each class chooses one to go to the final.
A white table with a depaul blue balloon centerpiece. Along with a program schedule outline the Driehaus Cup schedule.
 DePaul’s ballroom dark with colored lights and balloons, with a stage and projector centered.

Winter 2024

For this quarter’s cup, there were 7 groups that made it to the final competition. They ranged from AI technology, thermal stickers, solar chargers and so much more. Each group did such a great job pitching their ideas. With professional-looking slides and well rehearsed pitches it went really smoothly. BrewTemp, a sticker that goes on coffee cup lids and tells you if it’s a safe temperature to drink, swept the competition, winning the judges’ choice and audience’s choice too!

My Experience

I took the class as a freshman and had such fun! While my group sadly didn’t make it to the Driehaus Cup, it was still such a great time. I got experience working in a group and made some friends along the way. It was also nice to get to see all the cool ideas my classmates had. The class really set me up for what a lot of my classes would look like. I have pitched a lot since taking BUS 101 and the introduction really helped prepare me.

Sienna smiling in a pink sweater, at the Driehaus Cup.

The Driehaus Cup is a fun way to end the BUS 101 class. It’s amazing to see the new class’s ideas. Even if you’re not a business student, I suggest popping into one as it is open to all students! 


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