DePaul’s Career Center

One of the worst mistakes I made my freshman year was not going to the Career Center sooner. The Career Center is the best place to go to for students that have questions about starting a career, build a resume or finding a job after college.

The first time I went to the career center was to learn how to make a resume and a cover letter because I had never made one before. I also got to ask questions about my major and possible career fields that I could go into. The career center can connect you with a ton career advisers and professionals that are here to help students with any career and professional advice they can. 

The career center offers services that can help you from application process to landing a job interview. One of the most helpful services they offer, in my opinion, is practice job interviews. For students that are applying and interviewing for jobs for the first time ever, it could be really nerve wracking and scary. Doing a mock interview with someone at the career center is super helpful because they advise you on commonly asked questions and what you should or should not say. The career center is one of the most helpful resources at DePaul. Whether you’re currently a freshman or about to graduate, it wouldn’t hurt to visit as soon as possible!

– Nooreen Jahan