DePaul Student Summer Activities: Willis Tower 50th Birthday Event

Willis or Sears?  No matter what you call it, the most iconic building in Chicago’s Skyline turned 50 years old this year!  In celebration of the occasion, the building threw a birthday party that was free to attend.

It can be hard to uncover hidden events going on in the city that are free, easily accessible, also extremely fun.  I came across Willis Tower’s Instagram where they were advertising a birthday event for their 50th anniversary.  I am already an avid fan of the building as it has a great atmosphere inside and is packed with amazing restaurants.  (Hint: There is also a free outdoor terrace to do homework at on the 4th floor!)  All of the restaurants inside were running specials on their menus all day, and some even had sample tables on the outdoor terrace.

Do-Rite Donuts, my favorite donuts in the city, had a free donut wall out on the terrace, and my Shake Shack order came with a free side of fries!  The restaurants weren’t the only ones feeling generous at the event.  The lobby had a “Spin-to-Win” wheel where participants could win some awesome prizes.  My friend actually won a free ticket to go out on the famous glass outlook at SkyDeck  Out on the fourth-floor terrace, the prizes kept going.  There was a giant Plinko game where participants were winning outdoor picnic blankets, perfect for summer.  Finally, there was a raffle that was also free to enter.  The awards ranged from gift cards to the restaurants, access to club-level bars, and the grand prize of Sky Deck’s “Pie in the Sky.”  “Pie in the Sky” is a new event that Skydeck has created where you have dinner on the Sky Deck Ledge.  A three-course Giordano’s meal is served to you while you sit hundreds of feet up in the air while overlooking the most beautiful city in the world.  The winner of this raffle won a dinner for up to 4 guests!

The birthday party was a huge success, and the live musicians kept the party lively all day.  There were plenty of photo opportunities as well as chances to try some samples that you may not have tried otherwise. 

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for events like this in the city, as they are a bit harder to dig for in the Google recommendations of “10 Things you Must do in Chicago.”


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