DePaul Student Summer Activities: Things to do at the Beach

What better way to spend the summer than at the beach? You probably don’t think of the beach when you hear Chicago, but there are so many cool spots I like to chill at with my friends including Montrose Beach, North Avenue Beach, Fullerton Beach, and Oak Street Beach. Here are some fun things to do at the beach besides swimming!

1. Bonfire & S’mores

Make sure you have the proper equipment and are being safe, but it is so much fun to do a bonfire at the beach, especially when it gets chilly at night. Bring some marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and skewers to make gooey s’mores over the fire and tell scary stories! 

2. Volleyball

Some of the beaches in Chicago have volleyball nets already set up, but you can also buy a net from Target or Amazon! Playing at night is especially fun because you feel the cold sand on your feet while sweating while diving for the ball. Don’t like the sand? The Ray is open to students during the summer for $7 a day or $44 for the summer!

3. Picnic

Lastly, a picnic with your friends! Bring a towel or blanket with some of your favorite foods and just have a good time. Me and my friends are kind of lazy, so we just ordered pizza from Domino’s and got some snacks from Target.

One of the most fun days is when we did all three of these things, celebrating our friend’s graduation! The beach was never really my thing, but spending time there with my friends doing these activities really changed my opinion!


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