Deciding on a Major that Works for You

When I came to college I did not think I would end up majoring in environmental studies because I wrote it off as being too difficult and did not think of myself as a “science person”. I worked my way through a variety of majors before finally realizing that I needed to delve into what I cared most about- the protection of the environment. Although it took me awhile to make this declaration, I’m thankful I was able to take my time and try out a variety of other options first. At DePaul you are not pressured to decide what you want to study right away, which was a huge draw for me when I was picking a school. As a freshman, I began college with an undecided major and was able to take a variety of classes in some of my areas of interest. Experimenting with a few different educational paths helped me to finally decide on environmental studies during my sophomore year and be sure that I was making the right decision. 

 In the long run I am glad I decided to declare a major I was extremely   intimidated by because I have gained such an immense amount of   knowledge and experience throughout this process. Within my own circle of   friends I am often referred to as the crazy environmentalist, but within my   classes many of my peers share the same mindset as me. Since my major is   so closely intertwined with my daily lifestyle, it is important to me that I’m surrounded by people who share my struggles, passions, and triumphs. Struggling through three hour labs has not been a walk in the park, but all of my hard work will pay off when I graduate with a degree I’m proud of and excited to use. When deciding what you want to study, focus on what matters to you and go from there. With such a rich array of resources at DePaul such as the career center and helpful academic advisers, you will not be alone in making your choice.

– Aggie Kallinicou