Conquering the Winter Blues

While the lonely, gloomy days of winter have been extended due to the pandemic, these are 10 ways that can help conquer the winter blues:

1. Video games

This has been my go-to since I can immerse myself in a world that isn’t the one we are currently living in. Especially in a time of the pandemic and political turmoil, the winter blues is just extra weight, and putting it to the side for a little bit is very stress relieving. The worlds that video games have can just suck you in, and it can turn a gloomy reality into a fantasy world in just a few seconds.

2. Getting a pet

Now, this may not be available to everyone, but it really brightens the mood in the house since there is a new puppy living with my family. Instead of feeling like being stuck inside forever, it’s become more like being excited to be in the house and spend time with the new dog.

3. Getting a job

When I got a job, it allowed me to get out of the house and see a new environment, which is much needed when you have winter blues. Seeing different people as well can also make a day less lonely or gloomy since there is someone or something new every day.

4. Learning a new skill

A skill could be anything from learning guitar to learning how to bake. It is perfect for conquering winter blues because you would most likely want to get better at that skill, taking your mind off of being bored or grumpy.

5. Talking with friends virtually

Because of the pandemic, people can’t really talk to all of their friends. Winter blues-only amplify this because the snow and grey weather discouraging doing any activities with others. The best alternative is talking with friends through FaceTime as just hearing their voices can help bring the mood up.

6. Exercising

After all the eating during the holidays, I have not had much exercise to burn off all those calories. Doing at-home exercises can help energize you, making you feel good during the winter blues and also becoming more fit in the process.

7. Hanging out with family

Being inside during the pandemic and the winter has possibly made everybody forget the importance of hanging out with family since we are mostly with them a majority of the time. However, it may be good to have organized nights like game night or movie night with your family to have some fun during the winter.

8. Snow/outdoor activities

Instead of spending time inside and letting the winter blues get to you, approach the problem head-on by doing snow activities outside! Gloomy, gray days may appear that way, but the fun you’ll be having would easily get rid of that feeling.

9. Sleeping

While sleeping too much is not good for productivity, small naps during a gloomy time can boost your energy and make your mood better. I know when I get some sleep, I feel a lot better, and I am willing to do things.

10. Consuming media (reading or watching)

This can apply to some of the actions I mentioned earlier, which can be immersive or fun for the whole family. Since there are so many shows and books that have been released over the years, it would be good to catch up on some of those things and possibly learn.

– Ethan