Conquering the Winter Blues

During the unfortunate pandemic we have been stuck in our house and our heads as winter depression is doubling down with the cruel isolation of society. As finding activities to conquer the winter slums diminish, it’s important to stay physically active and locate options to relieve one’s anxiety of social isolation.

Actions to consider:

  • Cook for yourself: practice that new recipe you’ve been wanting to try
  • Exercise: crank out your anxious anger with physical exertion to relieve yourself while also maintaining a high level of physical health.
  • Contact people more using facetime: contact your friends, stay in touch, and be reassured that your friends care and are there for you
  • Hang out with a small group: as it is difficult conjuring mass groups during the pandemic, hang out a few select friends and be sure of their household history with the virus. This way you can hang out with your friends and not have any worries about their contagion.
  • Invest in a hobby: take up that hobby you’ve been wanting to get immersed too, as you not have great time to focus, study, and practice
  • Watch your favorite show: use Netflix or YouTube, or other streaming video media to distract your wondering thoughts and try to catch up on the top rated tv shows
  • Separate yourself from your house when feeling isolation deprived: if feeling down simply because of the restraint from traveling the world, going outside and breathing the fresh air, or going for a drive, will do a lot for one mental health.
  • Find social distanced events: find events with friends that ensure safety through their social distancing guidelines in order to be safe, and have fun!