Community at DePaul

This week I am going to talk about student life on campus!  I am going to give a quick list of details describing student life here at DePaul and what makes it unique!

1. Welcoming

DePaul is very welcoming to every student attending college here.  DePaul truly tries their best to make everyone feel welcome regardless of various identifies someone may hold.

2. Different

DePaul’s community is much different than state schools.  Chicago is obviously not a college town, and living in the city means that people are all spread out and not simply in one small area.  There are also a lot of things constantly going on in the city.

3. Student Organizations

Getting involved in student organizations are a great way to form a community at DePaul.  Some organizations I have been apart of during my time at DePaul where I have made my own communities are Greek life, Vincentians in Action, and Student Government Association.  

4. Classes

Classes are also a way to get to know people.  All freshmen are required to take a discover or explore class.  In these classes, students do icebreakers and go on field trips to help them make connections with other students as they begin their time at DePaul.  The classes are also great because they are small sizes, so you are able to meet people quickly.  


5. Variety of Communities

There are a variety of communities at DePaul as I have already stated, but there are some communities that are not as obvious.  These communities can be your dorm, or a community of commuters if you do not live on campus. For commuters there are a lot of events throughout the year that help them feel part of the DePaul community.  

6. Supportive

The support I have felt from the DePaul community as a whole is unlike anything else.  It is hard to put this into words, but all DePaul students know this feeling. The support of the community is what makes DePaul so unique and is what keeps students attending college here.

7. Resourceful 

The DePaul community as a whole is very resourceful.  Whether you need help with finances, your mental health, grades, and more, DePaul is here for you and is always willing to help.  

8. On-Campus Jobs

I have a few jobs on campus, and I have been able to form communities and create friendships at each of them.  I will be talking more about working on campus soon, but I highly recommend it to all students looking to make some money!

9. Fun!

The community at DePaul is very fun, and there are always events going on each week to help students feel engaged in DePaul’s community.

10. You Form It

Basically, you form your own communities at DePaul.  Obviously you become part of the DePaul community once you decide to attend school here, but the rest is up to you.  Taking a step outside of your comfort zone and joining clubs or getting to know a few people in your classes are quick steps that can help you form your own communities here and create friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime. 

-Sydney Snell