City-Girl Living: DePaul’s Loop Campus


Since early high school, I knew that I wanted to go to school in a city. I love sidewalks (not common in my rural hometown), the vast diverse culture, and the bustle of city life, so it seemed like the right path. DePaul University is unique in how we have two main campuses: Lincoln Park – a more residential area and the Loop – the typical city vibe people talk about.

Now, the Loop Campus is the highlight of my week. I start most weekday mornings with going to work at a Starbucks in the Financial District. After I finish up my shift around 11-11:30, I stroll towards campus- it is only seven minutes and I get to pass by Chicago’s Broadway theaters, tons of business people rushing to work, and just take in the architecture. The College of Communication at DePaul is headquartered in the Loop so I have a lot of classes here. This makes balancing work and class super convenient!

Before my signature 11:50 class starts (I somehow always find classes at this time of day- it’s my favorite since the lecture is not too early or late), I hang out on the DePaul Center’s rooftop and enjoy the sun. When it is cold, of course, I opt for the library instead, where I can see a high view of the Harold Washington Library and local buildings. 

I feel so independent when I hang around the downtown campus since it is at the center of all the ‘happening’ action- exactly what I wanted for college (huge F.O.M.O gal here). Unlike a traditional closed-off campus, the Loop campus is spread out and blends into the local area. This makes it feel really immersive, giving you a nice feel for the heart of Chicago. 

After class, especially in the Spring and Fall, I love to walk after class and get work done on the Riverwalk. It is a nice path that lines the lake and has sections of steps and restaurants, so there is always something nice to try. I bring my lunch and get a coffee then get to work. 

Although Lincoln Park is charming and always has a place in my heart, I love the days I get to explore and act like a true “city-girl” at DePaul’s Loop Campus. 


See the city and visit the Loop campus!