Career and Internships at DePaul

DePaul has an extraordinary business school with real-world opportunities built into the curriculum.  This is ultimately why I chose to attend DePaul.  As a business student, getting your foot in the door and building your connection network is one of the most important things that you can do to set yourself up for success.  

During my time at DePaul, I have attended several networking events.  I have attended general career fairs, specific Digital Marketing events, and even the School of Hospitality career fair.  My favorite event took place at Constellations Brands, a leader in the beverage industry.  We took a tour of their office in the Citadel Building and heard from their e-commerce manager.  We also got to speak to the recruiters and other marketers on the team to hear more about their company and get overall professional marketing advice.  

While these events take place outside of the classroom, there are plenty of opportunities to meet with professionals during class.  I have worked with the Chicago Bulls and their marketing team for my Sports Management class with Professor Clark.  We had a quarter-long project where we collaborated with the Bull’s marketing team and created a presentation of ideas for their next Bull’s Fest.  We also did a site visit to Wrigley Field where we spoke with the Cub’s business team.

This past quarter in my Entrepreneurship class, we worked with a Chicago start-up beauty company to build a marketing strategy.  I have also worked with ADM to build a strategy to increase their brand awareness.  All of these classroom experiences with real companies taught me how to interact with different types of businesses and gave me the networking practice I used to land my summer internship.

This summer I am working as a Buying Intern for Aldi!  I have been able to take my academic knowledge and also everything I have learned from these hands-on experiences to land this role.  One of the biggest themes the teams across all of these companies mentioned was to apply to a company that you really love.  It will make working so much more enjoyable, and you will find that working somewhere that matches up with your values will make you more motivated to do the best work that you can.  


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