Career and Academic Resources

Let’s talk about career and academic resources at DePaul! 

One career resource at DePaul that has been consistently helpful to me is the Career Center.  The Career Center can help you fix up your resume, give you tips for an interview, or even help connect you with DePaul alumni working at a company you would like an internship at.  The Career Center helped me find Handshake, which is a very useful job search website that helps you find jobs that align with your interests and skill set. Similar to LinkedIn, it shows if a DePaul alumni is working or has worked at a company that interests you.  Another great resource that the Career Center provides is career fairs. There are typically three career fairs throughout the academic year, so one per quarter. There are various companies from all over Chicago that come to the fair. All of these companies cater to people with various majors, so there is not simply one focus.  These career fairs are a great opportunity for students to network and connect with professionals in the Chicago area. If you know you want to have a summer internship, going to these fairs are a must! 

For academic resources, one of the best tools to me has been my academic advisor.  With his help I have been able to stay on track with my classes, and I will actually be graduating a little bit early!  I made sure to meet with my advisor each quarter while selecting classes just to double check that I was choosing the right ones for my major.  He made sure I was taking the best classes possible for me, and even recommended some great open elective classes to me based on my interests. I definitely recommend meeting with your academic advisor so you can stay on track for graduation.

While I only chose to highlight two resources, DePaul has TONS of career and academic resources.  DePaul has resources for everyone, no matter what they need help with. If you are interested in the other resources, I would be sure to check the career page on DePaul’s website as well as academics. 

– Sydney Snell