Campus Jobs at DePaul


Working campus jobs have been really fun in my experience! There are all types of jobs including office ones like mine, or things like working with DAB, Office of Student Involvement and more. I got both of my campus social media jobs earlier this year and I’ve learned a lot from them. It’s also been pretty easy to manage with school and social life, which is an amazing plus. Campus jobs are especially great because your managers know that you are a student and school always comes first, so they’re understanding if something comes up.

My main job is as a social media assistant at DePaul’s Department of Housing and Residence Life. I work about 10 hours a week, with ⅔ of it being in-person at the Housing office in Centennial Hall, and the rest remote, which is super convenient. I focus on creating content mainly for Instagram and TikTok but also Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram, I like to design informational posts for current and prospective residents and also post pictures of dorms/campus to give those who don’t know what it looks like a sneak peek. I love making funny/relatable content, as well as room tour videos for TikTok and finding new ways to build a welcoming campus community. I actually got this job through the EDGE program that I participated in freshman year. Towards the beginning of sophomore year, I got an email from my EDGE leader, Patricia Nicandro, who is now my manager, explaining this new role and that she thought it would be the perfect way to expand my social media marketing skills. I’ve had a great experience so far working with a small team and getting to work flexible hours.

My second campus job is this one, where I write blogs or create social media content weekly for the Department of Recruitment Marketing & Communications! It’s a remote job with few meetings, so it’s super easy to do and I can work from anywhere I want. I enjoy writing blogs for our DeBlogs website, which can be especially useful for first-year students not knowing what to expect when joining the DePaul community or living in a big city for the first time. I got this job through the DePaul job board, which gives students access to so many campus job opportunities. All I had to do was submit my resume and cover letter, then I waited for a response, which I received shortly after!

Both of these jobs have been pretty enjoyable. I love having a flexible work schedule and working with my teams both in person and online. I hope to continue working within these departments!


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