Booking Rooms at DePaul

 An excellent opportunity that DePaul gives to their students is use of spaces and room reservations on campus. These are free to use, as long as you rent out the space using our space renting application (25 Live). All DePaul students get access to a huge amount of rooms to use however you would want. You can rent out a library room for a group project. You can use the theatre in the Student Center for a performance. You can get a classroom, an art gallery, conference room, work-out room, or even a beautiful historical space like Cortelyou Commons. These are all at your fingertips, for whatever you need. 

What I love about DePaul is how I can use both campuses as a resource to help with both my academics and extracurriculars. In the Lincoln Park campus, I have used some room reservations to book meetings, dance rehearsals, computer labs to practice for a presentation, and much more. In the Loop campus, I have booked rooms for filming, research, and group projects. 

 The best thing is that all this is given to the students for free. There are many   amazing spaces, including classrooms in Arts and Letters, the Loop rooftop,   or a gallery in the DePaul Art Museum. DePaul really helps their students and   gives them a room that is the most helpful for what they need it for. There is   more information on the website if you would like to know more, but all you   need to do is fill out an application online and, within a few days, you can get whatever room booked. 

I have used rooms for both academics and extracurriculars, on both campuses, which is an amazing resource for all DePaul students. I would recommend using this to your advantage because it is just something DePaul allows their students to use.

– Morgan Kail-Ackerman