10 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago

One thing we are passionate about here at DePaul is exploring the city.  Starting freshman year, professors often assign excursions involving going to museums, certain neighborhoods, or sometimes even a specific restaurant.  Today, I am going to share with you my personal top ten neighborhoods in Chicago. Let’s start with one you are probably very familiar with;



 1. Let’s start with one you are probably very familiar with; Lincoln Park!

 Lincoln Park is home of the Lincoln Park Zoo, the beautiful Lincoln Park Conservatory,   and has a wonderful view of the city on the waterfront.


2. West Loop

The West Loop continues to be an up-and-coming neighborhood in Chicago.  I always go to the West Loop when I am craving a great sit down meal.  

 3. Wicker Park

 Wicker Park is considered to be one of the “hipster” neighborhoods of Chicago.  I love   going to Wicker Park for coffee and to check out cool record stores or bookstores.  


4. Logan Square

Something that sets Logan Square apart from other neighborhoods is it’s quietness, even in a city.  They have some amazing parks and a wonderful farmers market throughout the spring to fall as well. 


 5. River North

 Another very well known neighborhood, but I feel River North has a lot to offer.  River   North is filled with some of the best restaurants in Chicago, some with rooftops that have   some of the best views of the city.  

6. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a wonderful Southside neighborhood that is home to University of Chicago and the Obamas (back in the day).  

 7. West Town

 West Town is where to go for unique dining experiences, as well as art from local artists.   West Town is also home to Ukranian Village, which is a must visit area.  

8. Pilsen

The first time I went to Pilsen was during one of my first days as a student at DePaul.  I was stunned by the amazing street art and all of the authentic mexican food in the neighborhood.  


 9. Andersonville

 Andersonville has a lovely small town feel that makes one forget they are in Chicago.  There are many unique antique shops and some stunning art galleries.

10. Chinatown

Just south of downtown is Chinatown.  Chinatown offers some great opportunities for shopping, and is also home to wonderful Chinese cuisines and Korean barbecue.

-Sydney Snell