Best DePaul Resources to Use!

DePaul University has an extensive variety of resources to take advantage of as a student here that will help you succeed in your academic journey! Opportunities for students to follow dreams and achieve greatness are provided through online resources, staff, student help, and facilities to allow you to deepen your knowledge and skills. Throughout the Lincoln Park Campus, Loop Campus, and websites, there are numerous academic, athletic, entertainment, and career supplies that students of any level can utilize.

DePaul is an extremely occupation-oriented institution as they offer an abundance of resources to aid students in preparing for and reaching internships and full-time jobs. On both campuses, there is a Career Center where students may have meetings with advisors, receive career advice, revise resumes or LinkedIn profiles, and discover career paths. In addition, throughout the academic year, DePaul hosts many events to create networking and job opportunities for students such as the Career Fair.

Next, the John T. Richardson Library in the Lincoln Park Campus offers a great spot to study alone or with friends through 4 floors of great resources. With a plethora of study spots from computer stations to soundproof rooms, there is always a new comfortable spot to get your studying done. The library includes thousands of books, magazines, and journals to check out, many librarians to assist you, and an overall wonderful spot to relax or study.

One of the most noteworthy buildings to make a habit of going to at DePaul is The Ray, the campus gym that is accessible to any full-time student. This facility allows students the opportunity to better themselves physically through weightlifting, sports, fitness machines, yoga classes, fitness trainers, and so much more. With a weightlifting area, cardio section, basketball courts, volleyball nets, jogging track, swimming pool, ping pong tables, specialty courses, and locker rooms there is always something new to try, and is an incredible place to excel yourself.

DePaul’s resource base is nearly endless with new items for any interest. Checking out what you feel inclines you is the best option to take as there is so much to experience and learn at DePaul.

~ Alex

Take advantage of DePaul’s resources!