Top 5 Chicago Hangout Spots

1. Museums

Chicago has amassed a reputation for its incredible museums that citizens and tourists are able to visit to learn new ideas and witness stunning sights. Throughout the city of Chicago, there are numerous museums for interests of all kinds which one can experience alone or with friends and family to enjoy such as the Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science & Industry, Field Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Adler Planetarium, and dozens more. Although they can be relatively expensive normally, DePaul students and Chicago residents can receive discounts and free days if any specific museums interest you!

2. Lincoln Park Zoo

Free for all visitors, the Lincoln Park Zoo is an excellent option for friends and family to go check out animals year-round. An easy walk from the DePaul Lincoln Park campus will take you to this amazing zoo with a wide variety of animals including flamingos, giraffes, gorillas, lions, seals, polar bears, and so much more! Setting aside a day for a group to spend the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo will provide for an enjoyable outing and allow you to admire unique animals from around the globe. If you’re ever struggling to choose where to hang out, there’s no excuse to not check out the plethora of animals at the zoo which will always result in a wonderful experience and fun memories!

3. Chinatown

Broaden your cultural understanding and experience new foods through Chinatown’s recreation of Asian elements in this iconic location in Chicago. Journeying around the city will bring about a colorful experience filled with creative shops and spectacular culinary options to diversify your taste buds through the abundance of restaurant options presented throughout. Within this city there entails stunning art pieces, festivals, souvenirs, mouthwatering foods, and a lot more for a group to hang out and understand more about Chinese culture.

4. Fullerton Beach

Past the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Fullerton Beach trails the coasts between Chicago and Lake Michigan which can make for a pleasurable outing with some friends. Neighboring the conservatory, zoo, and other smaller bodies of water, the beach gives Chicago visitors and residents a breathtaking view out into the lake along with a wide open area to build sandcastles, play sports, tan, read a book, listen to music, or talk with friends. Beaches are one of the most preferred hangouts for most groups and checking out this remarkable spot in Chicago will undoubtedly create a magnificent experience!

5. Oz Park

Last but not least, Oz Park, a well-maintained public park right next to campus is undeniably one of the most convenient and lovable locations to have fun with friends. Containing a wide field and many sports facilities such as basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, and a volleyball court there is much fun to be had. In addition to the beautiful grassy flatlands, there are people of all ages exercising, talking, and enjoying themselves around the park to create a happy and lively atmosphere. Possibilities are endless at Oz Park where you and some friends can compete in sports, have a picnic, listen to tunes, or just relax and appreciate the blissfulness of the park.

~ Alex

Be a college student in Chicago.