Benefits of Working at DePaul

I never thought I would work while I was a student at DePaul, because my parents always wanted me to put school first and not worry about money. However, I have had 2 very different on-campus jobs at DePaul and I’ve loved it. I’ve had the opportunity to work at the front desk of the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business my sophomore year, and I currently have this job of blogging. Here are some benefits and skills I’ve gained while working at DePaul.

1. Grow your network and build relationships

There’s a chance you may be working in a department that has to do with your field of study and knowing people in those departments is a great way to build your network.

2. Learn to time manage

Working and going to school makes sure you are using your time wisely as you work around classes. 

3. Learn how to be more responsible

Having extra money from a school job allows you to spend your money more wisely.

4. Increase customer service skills

Some student interacting jobs such as front desk jobs let you become better at managing students/customers/parents and how to be patient. 

5. Learn more about DePaul as a university

Working in the graduate business office as an undergraduate business student made me learn about how Masters and MBA’s work.

6. Get time to do homework (at desk jobs)

A lot of desk jobs, have a lot of downtime for you to do your homework- it’s like you’re getting paid to do your homework.


7. Perform better in classes

It might just be me, but whenever I keep myself busy I perform my best in school. 

 8. Improved my writing skills

 Many jobs have you do some writing, whether it’s emails or double checking your blog content   for grammar.

 9. Gained Entrepreneurial Skills

This blogging job is not an in-person job, so it has made me realize how to manage my own content and communicate with my manager electronically.

10. Getting more involved with DePaul

Working at DePaul lets you in on what is going on at DePaul and may lead you to take advantage of other jobs or organizations. 

– Richa Patel