My College Search

It’s fall time and college applications are about to come out! 

Although my college application process was 4 years ago, I still remember how stressed out I was about going to college and getting into a good school. Something I wish I knew when I was applying to colleges is that I needed to go to a school that not only is good, but is good for me. I remember being devastated when I was put on a wait list or denied. Now that I think of it, there was nothing to be sad about because I ended up going to school at DePaul. Going to school here has been the perfect match for me. DePaul has given me many opportunities that no other school could have. 

I did have a few other schools I was considering, but when I was looking at location, financial aid and scholarships, and networks, DePaul had all of those. 

Being a business student in such a large city has numerous perks. The ability to go to class to only be 10 minutes away from an internship or job is so convenient. It’s also great to prepare yourself to work in the city. In addition, I don’t think I have ever been bored in the city, there is ALWAYS something to do as compared to going to a school in cornfields or in the middle of nowhere.  

With DePaul being a private school, they give out tons of scholarships. As an incoming freshman, there are great scholarships that are valid for all 4 years which I have taken advantage of. In addition, scholarships are always posted on DePaul’s scholarship connect portal where you can check daily for any new DePaul scholarships and external scholarships. 

 Lastly, DePaul has great access to networks. I have used their events,   organizations, and   professors to help me in many aspects which has   helped me grow so much professionally.   There is also a great career center and Handshake is very useful job/internship website   which I’ve used to get internships and jobs that I have loved.

 In the end, no matter what school you end up at, it’s important to make the most out of   your time there. It really is all about what experiences and choices you make in your time at   school that make it worthwhile. Best of luck in your application process!

-Richa Patel