All About the Library

Usually, when people hear “library” they think of books, all-nighters and being really quiet. However, there is a whole lot more to our library here at DePaul. Most students don’t know much about the library because these resources aren’t really advertised. So in case you didn’t know, here are four things that you can do at the Richardson Library in Lincoln Park. 

 1. Video Game Checkout

This is a resource that I use frequently. At the DePaul Lincoln Park library, you are allowed to check out a video game and the console to play on it. They have everything from a PlayStation to an Xbox to the Nintendo Switch. There have been many times where my roommates and I will check out a Wii just to play Mario Kart. And if they don’t have the video game that you’re looking for, they can check to see if any libraries in the area have them and ship it to DePaul for free. 

2. Text a Librarian

I use the “text a librarian” resource more often than I’d like to admit. It’s on the front page of the library website. Librarians can help you find an article that you need or you can give them your topic and they can tell you where to start looking. They’ve saved more than one of my research papers. 

3. Media Studios

The second floor of the library is home to a few really cool studios that all students and faculty have access to. The Media Studio is made for production and they include access to MacBook desktops for sound and video editing. There is also a Green Screen studio that students can use to take professional headshots. If you don’t have a camera, don’t worry, you can check one out at the front desk.

4. Maker Hub

The Maker Hub is also located on the second floor, right next to the studios. They have all sorts of equipment including 3D printers, different materials, machines for woodworking that are free and available to students. If you don’t know how to use the equipment, there are classes you can attend where they show you how things work. All you need in here is a little imagination.

– Haedy Gorostieta