Advice for High School and Transfer Students

Transitioning from high school to college is difficult and anxiety provoking. So is transferring from one college to another college. Looking back, there are so many pieces of advice I wish I could have given myself. Here are three pieces of advice I would give to my high school self, and three pieces of advice I’d give to myself before transferring colleges. I hope this advice helps others who are in the middle of their transitions as well!

Transitioning from High School to College:

  • Become acquainted with your classes ahead of time. This means doing research on your instructor (on ratemyprofessor), reviewing your syllabus, writing assignments down in a planner, practicing getting from one class to the next, etc.
  • Work one week ahead in your classes. Life happens, and when it does, you will have a buffer and won’t be stressing about having late assignments.
  • School is your full time job. Treat it like one (if you’re a full time student anyway).

Transitioning from One College to Another:

  • Work with admissions counselors at your college and at the college you’re transferring to, in order to take classes that will transfer to your school of choice.
  • Get involved in clubs and extracurriculars at the school you’re transferring from in order to build your resume and experience. This will help to get into the school of your choice.
  • If you’re transferring to DePaul, your grades and GPA don’t transfer over with you. They’re used only for admission. But grades and GPA can still be used as a reference to get into some classes and majors. Use this information in order to make decisions that will set yourself up for success when you are ready to transfer.

~ Jeanne