Adjusting to Life in the US

I landed in America on September 11, 2021. I am an international student from Pakistan and this is my first time going abroad for studies. The most exciting thing about DePaul would be the international culture; students from all over the world come to DePaul regardless of their color, gender and ethnicity and are studying together.

My major is Film/Television and I am really happy to see DePaul’s own film studios. The studios are equipped with highly professional cameras and mics. I have never seen a professional camera in person. Seeing them in person was like a dream come true and I felt like a proper filmmaker.

Besides my studies, I love to play table tennis and I am so grateful that our Loop Campus housing has a table tennis facility. This is something I do everyday as it helps clear my mind after a day of studying.

DePaul has two campuses, Loop and Lincoln Park. Luckily, all of my classes are in the Loop campus. I still use the train (CTA) regularly. I usually travel on the red line and overall my experience has been great. CTA rides are free in Chicago for DePaul students!

After 3 weeks in America, I am still adapting to new things and culture. I’m trying to meet new people and make friends. Overall, I am really enjoying this new culture and environment and I am really grateful to my parents that I am able to experience this opportunity. 

~ Muhammad