Activities Near Campus: Belmont Ave

A photo focusing on a Belmont Ave. street sign in Chicago with different shops and restaurants in the background.

       Belmont Avenue is one of my favorite areas to spend time in the city. As an added bonus, it’s also only one stop north of DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus on the Red Line! There are a ton of cool stores, great restaurants, fun coffee shops, and just a bunch of cool things to see. The area that I am writing about in this post is part of the Lakeview neighborhood, and it’s packed with fun and interesting things to do. Here are a few of my favorites:

       Reckless Records is a Chicago staple for music fans. They have a few locations across the city, and the one in the picture here is massive and it’s right to your right when you leave the Belmont train station. They sell records, CDs, merch, posters, you name it. If it’s related to music they probably sell it there. I have spent a lot of time browsing their extensive inventory, and the vibe in the store is really great.



A photo showing the storefront of the Reckless Records on Belmont Ave. in Chicago.
A photo showing the front of Slice Shop, a pizza restaurant on Belmont Ave. in Chicago.

       The Slice Shop might just be my favorite (non deep dish) pizza place in the city. They do Detroit style square pizza, and it’s truly fantastic. If you decide to go, I really recommend trying the vodka sauce pizza, I have never seen it anywhere else and it is incredible. On top of that, the prices are really reasonable so it’s great for college students and the service is great.



       The Gallery Bookstore is a really cute shop to hang out in. They sell new and used books, and the vibe inside is really awesome. The small store is absolutely crammed with shelves and shelves of books, and it feels really cozy and welcoming inside. It’s a super cool place and it was established in 1927 so there is a ton of history with both the store and the city.

A photo showing the storefront of The Gallery Bookstore, a new and used book shop on Belmont Ave. in Chicago.
A photo showing the storefront of Belmont Army Vintage, a vintage and thrift store located on Belmont Ave. in Chicago.

       I always make sure to stop in Belmont Army Vintage if I am walking by because I never know what I might find. They truly have a random selection of items and it is always so fun going for a visit and trying to find some fun stuff. They also have a surprisingly good variety of supplies for costumes and things like that, so make sure to keep them in mind when Halloween rolls around.

       Ragstock is another store that has a few locations across the city, and I’ve been to most of them and I think the Belmont location is the best. They sell both new and vintage items, and I have had some great luck finding some hidden gems at their stores. They also have great options for accessories, so if you are looking for some fun new items for your closet definitely give them a try.

A photo showing signs for Ragstock, a new and used clothing store on Belmont Ave. in Chicago.

       Belmont Avenue is an awesome place to go and hangout for a few hours. I have spent lots of time catching up with friends, going on dates, and even just having a fun day to myself in this area. With the proximity to campus you could even incorporate a trip into a day where you have classes if you have enough time in between. Belmont is a really fun area close to campus, so make sure to check it out when you get here!


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