A Winning Night at Wintrust Arena

I attended the DePaul vs. Marquette men’s basketball game on March 2nd. I’ve gone to DePaul basketball games before but this one was very exciting for many reasons. It was the last game of the season, Senior Night, against Marquette, AND DePaul won the game. When DePaul wins it’s much better than the other games. 5 things I really enjoyed about this experience:

    1. It was EDGE night so they were doing a bunch of cool things for students, one of my friends on the Athletics EDGE team won a jersey.
    2. They gave out free t-shirts at the game.
    3. There were so many fans for both teams and it made it even more fun!
    4. DePaul had buses that brought students to and from the game which was really convenient.
    5. Free admission for students! All you need is your DePaul student ID.


Other cool stuff you can do at basketball games:

    • Enter half-time events. At a previous game my friends got to play musical chairs during half-time.
    • Purchase DePaul merchandise.
    • Get food at the game or at one of the many restaurants close to Wintrust Arena.
    • Enter contests, create posters, and so much more.

~ Noelle

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