8 Career Oriented Resources

DePaul Career Center

The DePaul Career Center is the one stop shop for almost any resource you need for getting a job.  Even if you are on the job search alone, you can drop by the Career Center and they will critique your resume and provide other useful tips so that you can maximize your chance for a job.  Many of the other resources on this list are under the Career Center as well so they can help direct you to any help you may need. The Career Center website can be found at go.depaul.edu/careercenter. 

Career Fairs

DePaul hosts multiple career fairs every quarter, some are specific to a particular college while others are just open invitations from various Chicago companies.  Be sure to bring a few copies of your resume and dress up so you can make a good impression and get your foot in the door.  Some DePaul career fairs also offer mock interviews with alumni and professional headshots.

On Campus Jobs

If you are looking to get your foot in the door with some basic job experience, an on-campus job is the way to go.  I have been a DePaul student employee for two years and it has been great.  The hours are flexible to your class schedule and each office offers different jobs so you can find the one that is right for you and your career.

ASK Network

The ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) network is the perfect way to make connections.  Since all members are either current DePaul students or DePaul alumni, it is easier to make connections.  Alumni on the site are there to help the next generation of DePaul students so you may as well take advantage of their generosity.


Most DePaul professors have years of experience and connections under their belt that can be very useful for their students.  If you are looking to make career moves, show up to your professor’s office hours and ask their advice.  Odds are they will have some useful connections or tips for you.

Academic Clubs

Joining an academic club is a great way to put more focus on your studies while giving you the tools to succeed after graduation.  Being in an environment where your peers are as career focused as you will inevitably help you when you are applying for jobs.  Also, there is always a good chance that you will end up working with others in your club.

Career Closet

For students who may not be able to afford business clothes, DePaul created the career closet.  Every quarter, each student can take two items from the closet, free of charge.  They have clothes for business and business casual which you can keep with you throughout your career.


Another online service, Handshake is like a mix between LinkedIn and the ASK Network.  You are able to post your application and meet other members within the DePaul network.  You can sign in using your DePaul ID so that you are more easily connected with employers looking for DePaul students.

– Jacob Siepker