5 Ways to Prepare for Finals

1. Find a Focused Study Spot

With overwhelming work to accomplish in the coming weeks, you will want to find some study areas around campus other than your apartment/dorm to allow for complete focus. Distractions such as roommates, your bed, and your phone are prominent when working in your living areas, resulting in a lack of productivity when trying to study, complete assignments, or take tests. Areas around campus that allow for high-quality study sessions include the John T. Richardson Library, coffee shops, academic buildings, empty classrooms, and other relatively secluded and quiet locations.

2. Review Your Class Notes

Finals being right around the corner is stressful to think about, however, effective studying and reviewing can allow you to be confident when taking your final exams or working on final projects. Look through the syllabus, class materials, study guides, class notes, and previous assignments to ensure an understanding of ideas that will be tested or used on the final. Knowing which topics are and aren’t on the final through class information or office hours can be a highly beneficial resource for success on your finals. Just don’t forget to set time aside to study the material and don’t procrastinate!

3. Find External Resources

Although external resources may not be tested or required for your class finals, it won’t hurt to go out of your way to dive deeper into confusing topics that you don’t completely understand. Such resources such as books, websites, videos, tutors, articles, and professors can be found around campus or online that can greatly boost your comprehension of anything you’re hesitant about for your finals. Checking these items out can provide new information, perspectives, or formats that will undoubtedly give you an advantage on your upcoming finals.

4. Getting Exercise

Other than keeping your body physically healthy, fitness is scientifically proven to improve your mental health and performance which will definitely be useful when finals week arrives. Putting in around 30 minutes of physical activity daily such as playing sports, jogging, weightlifting, doing bodyweight exercises, etc. are excellent forms of improving yourself and destressing from school. Benefits that arise from consistent exercise include lowered stress and anxiety, increased confidence, higher quality sleep, improved memory, higher energy levels, and overall enhanced brain performance.

5. Take Breaks

You may be overly stressed and feel the need to study, review, and do homework day in and day out to prepare for finals; however this is not the case and will likely lead to burnout. Overworking your body and brain in the coming days and exhausting yourself isn’t worth the slight increase or even possible decrease in your final grade. Focusing on balance throughout the day and taking time away from academics is an essential part of maintaining your health, energy, and motivation. If you ever feel overworked, try making time for relaxing activities such as eating, exercising, meditating, listening to music, hanging out with friends, or doing something you enjoy.

~ Alex

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