5 Tips to Applying to DePaul as a Transfer Student

I decided to start at a community college after high school to save money but I always knew I wanted to finish my bachelor’s degree. The transfer process is different from when I was in high school. I felt it was a little more simplified and easy to figure out. Here are a few tips that can help make the transfer application process easier.

1. Apply early. DePaul has rolling deadlines for transfers so you can apply at any time but I realized applying early helped me get everything in order to start in the fall. The application is really easy to complete. It only took me 20 minutes to do. And it’s FREE!

*If you’re interested in music, theatre, or animation you have additional application requirements and                    deadlines.

2. You need to have your official transcript sent to DePaul. This was super easy for me, I just filled out a form at my college and they took care of the rest.

3. My DePaul admission counselor was a huge help. Special thanks to Cynthia! She always answered my questions and sent me reminders. She even texted me because I’m really bad at checking email. Every student has an admission counselor so I recommend reaching out.

4. Once you apply you’ll get an email about checking your application status thru Blue Demon Domain. It was nice to see if I was missing any items. Once a decision is made on your application, it’s also posted there.

5. No essays or recommendations were required! My high school transcript wasn’t required either since I had enough college credits. It was so nice not having to track any of those things down.

I heard my admission decision about 2 weeks after! At that time I was also able to see how my classes and credits transferred to DePaul. Since I planned early, I worked with Cynthia to make sure I was taking the correct classes to stay on track for DePaul.


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