5 Tips to Applying to DePaul as a Freshman

Filling out an admission application for college can be intimidating. Luckily DePaul’s application process isn’t super complicated and easy to figure out. Here are a few tips that helped make the application process less overwhelming me.

1. Plan early. My senior year of high school went by so fast so planning and doing research early helped. DePaul’s early deadline is Nov. 15th and the regular deadline is Feb. 1st. I made sure to circle these dates on my calendar.

2. Submit the Common Application. DePaul is on the Common Application so it makes it really easy to complete the application. And it’s FREE!

3. You need to have your official high school transcript sent to DePaul. This was super easy for me, I just filled out a form at my high school and my counselor took care of the rest.

4. Counselor Recommendation. DePaul only requires your counselor to submit a recommendation, called Common Application School Report. They get notified from the Common Application so it gets taken care of automatically. I talked to my counselor ahead of time so they knew to expect it and hopefully submit it sooner.

5. SAT/ACT Test or Test Optional. I was happy with my SAT scores so I self-reported them on the Common Application. I didn’t need to send official scores until I committed to DePaul. Some of my friends applied Test Optional, meaning they were not using their SAT/ACT Tests in their application to DePaul. This is a nice option to have if you’re not a good test taker, not able to take the SAT/ACT, or just don’t want to apply with test scores.

That’s it for the application! A few helpful notes:

    • If you’re interested in music, theatre, or animation you have additional application requirements and deadlines.
    • My DePaul admission counselor was a huge help. Special thanks to Jessie Heinrich! She always answered my questions quickly and was super nice. She even texted me back since I don’t always check my email. Every student has an admission counselor so I recommend reaching out to them.
    • DePaul makes it really easy to check your application status thru Blue Demon Domain. You’ll get an email with account login information. I checked it frequently for missing items. And once a decision is made on your application, it’s also posted there. No need to keep an eye on the mail.


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