5 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Year

as a DePaul Film Student

Junior Year! Here Already?! I am so excited to be entering my third year in the Film/TV Screenwriting Program. Here are a few things I am looking forward to this year.

1. Exploring the City

Chicago is home to a wide variety of museums, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Although I grew up very close to the city, there is always more to do and explore here! I love going out to restaurants and trying new foods. There are so many great places near campus, such as Kong Dog, a Korean corn dog restaurant! I also love checking out the incredible museums we have downtown. My favorite is the Art Institute, which is free to DePaul students!

2. Attending Campus Events

DePaul hosts a wide range of events all the time. They host cultural, educational, and fun activity events in both the Loop and the Lincoln Park campuses. Attending these events is a great way to meet new people and engage with your school community in a really exciting way. My favorite event I’ve attended was Fest 2022, a concert exclusive to DePaul students. 2Chainz and BBNO$ performed which was so much fun for my friends and I to experience. I can’t wait to see who gets voted to perform this year!

3. Hanging Out with my Friends

DePaul has helped me find my community. Joining a Professional Greek Life Society, allowed me to find people who had similar interests and goals. Finding my true friends at school was truly like making a second family.

4. Living on my Own

Moving out can feel intimidating, but going to a school with such a strong community has made leaving home much easier. It is incredibly rewarding to feel independent and self-sufficient. Living in an on-campus apartment in the Loop makes getting to my classes quick and easy! It also helps that I have an incredible lakefront view. 

5. Most Importantly…Learning

I am most excited to learn all I can during my time here at DePaul. A huge deciding factor when choosing DePaul for myself was its small class sizes, and incredible film program. This year, I am taking classes in DePaul’s Cinespace Production Sound Stages. This means that I get hands-on training and on-set experience. This opportunity is very valuable as a film student, and I am so excited to learn more from both my peers and professors who are always excited to share their experiences and knowledge.  


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