Career Development Opportunities at DePaul

One of the most important opportunities college students can and should take advantage of is participating in internships throughout their college career. Internships are a way for students to gain experience in their desired field and source out what they might want to work towards after college. With application pools being larger than ever, internship opportunities are sometimes few and far between, but DePaul has several resources to help students with landing their dream job.

 Many students know and have a LinkedIn account that helps with finding jobs and connecting with current industry professionals. DePaul offers something similar: Handshake. Handshake is a platform designed to help students look for full-time, part-time jobs, and internships. Different from LinkedIn, Handshake job postings are specifically looking for DePaul students to be a part of their application pool. Other than job postings, students can schedule advising appointments, see if employers will be on campus at career fairs, and register for events and programs in your field of interest.

 If students are looking to take an extra 2 credit classes during the quarter, students have the opportunity to take UIP academic career courses. These courses are designed to offer hands-on, practical courses in any stage of one’s career development. With a range of subjects, students can take part in designing their future and exploring the possibilities that come from your major, harnessing your strengths when interviewing, creating a career toolkit, and repositioning your career plan. These courses help students get serious about their career opportunities post graduation and can guide students in the right direction to finding the career they so desire!

– Nicole Wood