10 Websites/Apps Every DePaul Student Should Know

1. D2L

D2L is a platform DePaul University professor’s use to post assignments, homework, at home quizzes, and all other work specific to their class. 

 2. Google Calendar

 Having a digital planner that is accessible on your phone or laptop is super   convenient for a college student. It helps tremendously with keeping up to date on   homework, tests, group projects, and everything in between.

3. Rate My Professors

I am a strong believer that a student’s success in a class heavily relies upon the professor. As such, this website helps students better understand an idea of the professor they wish to take, since all reviews are completed by real students who have taken the professor already. 

 4. Weather App

 A big adjustment of moving to the Midwest for me was learning how to dress   accordingly for the climate. This app helped tremendously when choosing outfits to   wear, since the weather changed so often. 

5. GoogleDocs

I love GoogleDocs because it eliminates practically all confusion when working on assignments with multiple people. Students are also able to access their work from any computer, which in my opinion makes GoogleDocs superior to Microsoft Word.

 6. Quizlet

 Quizlet makes learning information for tests and quizzes super easy, since it   allows the material to be made into games and flashcards. 

7. GroupMe

A lot of my classes freshman year of college used GroupMe as an alternative to ordinary group messages. I mainly used it when a professor or staff professional was in the group, so they were able to maintain a level of professionalism with their students. 


8. CitationMachine

 All freshmen, regardless of major, are required to take at least one English   level course during their time at DePaul. As such, this website makes forming   bibliographies super simple. It is even customizable to fit which style of   paper your professor may require. 

9. DePaul Library

The DePaul Library website is really helpful for research papers and final projects. It hosts a variety of articles, databases, catalogs, and e-books that are available to all DePaul students free of charge.    

 10. DineOnCampus App

 All students who live on campus are required to also have a meal plan. This app lists   every meal offered for the specific day, and is even categorized by breakfast, lunch, and   dinner. 

– Maya Franco