10 Ways to Keep a Social Life While Social Distancing

1. Netflix Party

You can still watch your favorite shows with your friends! There are plenty of extensions, such as Netflix Party, that allow you and your friends to watch the same movie or show together and even chat about your reactions to it at the same time. It is a good way to stay connecting while binge watching that TV series you’ve desperately been waiting to watch.

 2. Zoom Party

 This is an easy way to connect with a large group of your friends no matter   what device they have. Also, it is free to use because of the discount you get   as a DePaul student!

3. Start a Book Club

This time is perfect to get into the hobby of reading, but reading a book is always more enjoyable when you can talk to other people about it. So, find a group of people or friends that would be interested in reading the same book and that way you can have a book club. Also, by having a club with a set meeting time, it will create more of a schedule to you weeks which is beneficial. 

 4. Virtual Potluck

 Find a group of friends that can video call at the same time, and make sure   everyone prepares their own dish. Then your group of friends can meet   virtually and enjoy a meal together. You can even make a theme for it to make   it more exciting. 

5. Write Letters

Even though we are in the digital age, it is still nice to receive a letter from someone you care about. Get some friends to send you their address and send them a nice letter and maybe a small gift so that they can know that you are thinking about them.

 6. Trivia Nights

 Who doesn’t love trivia? There are plenty of virtual trivia sights that you can   participate in or even get some friends to download Trivia Crack and compete   with them. It is a fun way to help to time go by while learning new facts.

7. Game Nights

Game nights are also an easy thing to do virtually because there are plenty of sights to choose from. So, find a group of friends who would be down to play a series of game one night a week virtually.

 8. Virtual Exercise Classes

 It is important during this time to make sure that you are both staying   physically and mentally healthy and exercise can help do both, so why not   do it with others! You can either participate in someone’s live stream class   are you and a friend or friends can all video chat and follow the same   workout routine.

9. Participate in Virtual Events

Plenty of places are now switching to online events. There are a lot of lists of what places are providing interactive online content, so it is definitely something to check out. A lot of celebrities are also doing a lot of live streams so that is s good way to connect with people who like the same celebrities as you do.

 10. Talk to the People in Your Household

 This is the easiest way to keep a social life because you do see these people   every day and can still have a fact to face conversation with them. Just   remember to interact with those people too because they also are going   through the same struggle as you during this time.

– Kaitlyn Milligan