10 Ways to Get Involved on Campus

It goes without saying that college is more than just class.  Campus involvement is an important first step to having a fulfilling college experience and it is the best way to meet new people.  Here are 10 ways (in no particular order) to get involved on campus.

 1. Apply for a Student Worker Position

 Getting an on-campus job is a great option for   students who are looking to get   involved on campus while earning some extra money.  Most DePaul offices have   student positions available so there are lots of options in terms of type of work.   Having a job on campus also means schedule flexibility since student workers are   never scheduled during their classes.  Student workers are typically well paid too   and have options to apply for higher paying positions within the same office. 

2. Be Part of Greek Life

Joining a Greek life organization on campus is one of the best ways to develop strong connections, both personal and professional, with other students.  I am a brother of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and being part of Greek life at DePaul has been the highlight of my college career so far.  Greek life can provide leadership opportunities, networking connections, academic support, and much more.

 3. Join an Academic Club

 No matter what your major is, there are academic clubs for you.  These   student groups help students hone their skills beyond class work and   provide industry connections so students can excel after they graduate.   Joining these kinds of groups is a great way to meet other students with similar interests or majors.

4. Join a Student Organization

Outside of academic groups, DePaul also has a host of other student organizations like the DePaul Activities Board (DAB) and the Residents Hall Council (RHC).  These student organizations give students a lot of control over event ideas and execution, so it is a great opportunity for anyone looking to add to their resume.

 5. Try out for a Sports Team… or Join an   Intramural Team

 You don’t have to be drafted by the school to participate in DePaul athletics.   Many DePaul teams encourage students to try out.  Maybe this could be the   year you become a rower!  If joining an established team is too much, DePaul   regularly runs intramural sports.  Individuals can join intramural teams, or you  can come with a team already together, either way, intramural sports is always a fun time and there is no pressure if you lose.

6. Volunteer Your Time in a Philanthropy Org

For students who want to connect more with the Vincentian mission of charity, joining a philanthropy group might be right for you.  These groups do great work to aid the Chicago community while giving students a chance to connect with the people they are helping.  DePaul has lots of different service groups, each with a different mission, and if there is a cause that you are passionate about that is not yet represented, you are able to start your own.

 7. Petition for Change by Joining a Political Group

 Whether you have strong political convictions, or you just want to learn   more, there is a place for you.  DePaul has numerous political groups and   social change groups including the DePaul Democrats, the DePaul   Republicans, and many more.  These groups get students involved in the political process from critically analyzing public policy to campaigning.


8. Attend SI Sessions and Study Groups

Many classes at DePaul have student tutors (SI’s) that offer regular group sessions.  These are very useful for helping students achieve better grades and meeting classmates.  If a class doesn’t have an SI, you can always start a study group too.  It is very common for students to get together in Discord servers or at the library to study, take advantage of that.  Being confused on concepts together is a quick way to make friends in your classes.

 9. Go to Campus Events

 Simply showing up to campus events is an easy way to meet people.  There is   something going on almost every night during the academic year for students   to take part in.  While the scale of these events range from painting in the   residence halls to full concerts, they all are there for students’ enjoyment.

10. Show Your Support for DePaul Teams

Come down to Wintrust Arena to support the Men’s Basketball team or head over to Wish Field to watch a soccer match.  Attending DePaul athletics events is not only entertaining but shows support for DePaul.  Students can get into athletic events for free so don’t be afraid to show up and cheer for the Blue Demons!

– Jacob Siepker