10 Ways to Connect with DePaul as a Freshmen

1. Events

Events are always happening at DePaul which provides a chance for you to hang out, relax, and have fun. These are incredible opportunities to meet new students and staff at DePaul through different games, activities, and other bonding events. The events include but are not limited to mini-golf, bingo, movie night, laser tag, etc. These are all great ways to end off your week right and connect with the DePaul community!

2. Go to the Gym

The gym is an excellent spot to go and work towards your health and fitness goals. Visiting the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center (the Ray, for short) a couple of times a week will help you stay fit and strong, keeping, not only your body but your mind strong as well. There is an abundance of equipment to try out for every part of the body as well as multiple sports facilities. The options are nearly endless at the Ray and overall a great spot to work out alongside others to get the exercise our bodies require.

3. Connect With Classmates

A classroom is where students will be spending a lot of time through the school year and since we enroll in classes that we are interested in, you will likely meet people with similar interests. This is important to do for every class, and can be useful for meeting people, asking questions, getting homework help, and making friends.

4. Join a Club

There are dozens of clubs and groups to participate in at DePaul, related to interests/goals, ethnicities, and beliefs. Joining one is an amazing opportunity to meet people that have similar interests and is a great way to put yourself out there and learn. You will have a memorable experience through a variety of activities and events with the people you meet and bond with, ultimately connecting with the DePaul community.

5. Join a Sports Team

If you are into athletics, participating in a team together with others that play the same sport will also help you meet similar people as well as stay fit, improve your skills, and become part of a team. There are many options such as football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, volleyball, etc. for both everyone to try out, no matter your skill level.

6. Explore Both Campuses

There are so many places to visit across the Lincoln Park Campus and the Loop Campus that will keep you occupied constantly. The gym, library, restaurants, academic buildings, Student Center, and DePaul Center are all wonderful places to check out with friends. Exploring is a great to learn your way around campus to see the buildings firsthand. The resources and spots to check out can be useful to take advantage of and appreciate during our time here, so go out and explore!

7. Eat at the Dining Hall

The dining halls in both campuses are also great spots to check out if you have a meal plan and grab a delicious meal. They are excellent spots to hang out with friends before or after class and are almost always open to grab a bite. The options there are plentiful and always changing, so there will certainly be something for you to enjoy.

8. Getting a Job at DePaul

If you think you’ll be able to balance your schoolwork, free time, and a job, you should look into student employment at DePaul. The school is always hiring people to fill in positions across campus to maintain, regulate, or improve the campus. And it’s a great way to make money on the side. This can be a great experience, as well as useful for helping the campus overall.

9. Wearing DePaul Gear

Representing Blue Demons through wearing DePaul gear is one of the best ways to show others that you attend and appreciate DePaul. There are shops at both campuses as well as an online shop to check out merch and accessories for every student at DePaul!

10. Connecting with Staff

The staff at DePaul are extremely hard workers and are often unappreciated or ignored. The numerous professors, employees, volunteers, and board members at DePaul are diligent workers that are here to help each other and build a better community here. Being polite, thanking, or sparking conversation with these faculty members could improve their day and lighten their mood.

~ Alex