10 Ways to Combat Midterm Stress

1. Head to One of Chicago’s Conservatories.

The Lincoln Park Conservatory is only a 10-minute drive from campus, while the Garfield Park Conservatory is a little bit further away, but much larger. Spending time in nature has been proven to contribute to overall well-being and stress relief.


2. Order Doordash or UberEats.

Exam week usually means you do not have time to cook a decent meal, but if this is the case you will not perform as well on your midterms. Make sure you are still eating well even if it seems like you do not have time for it.



3. Change Your Scenery.

Try out a new coffee shop or cafe in order to switch up the monotony of spending so many hours studying. My personal favorite is Osmium Coffee Bar located off of the Belmont red line stop in Lakeview.


4. Sign Up for Wag or Rover.

I’ve been walking dogs for Wag since I started college and recently became a Rover walker as well. Not only will you make a little extra money, but spending time with animals is such a great way to get outside and reduce stress.


5. Go Up to the McGowan South Rooftop Greenhouse.

This is one of the most relaxing spots on-campus because it’s filled with a ton of natural light and plant life. You’ll have to get permission downstairs in the ENV office, but the space is open for students to use.


6. Buy Tickets for an Upcoming Show.

One of my favorite ways to destress is dancing to good music with my friends, and Chicago has no shortage of shows for you to choose from. Buying your ticket in advance gives you something to look forward to once you’re finished with midterm exams and projects.


7. Do Something Creative.

Whether you are into photography, making music, or art, spend some time doing something that puts your mind at ease and allows you to get into a creative flow.

8. Treat Yourself to A Dinner out with Friends.

Once everyone is finished, celebrate by going out to to one of your favorite places for dinner. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, in fact, most of my favorites are on the cheaper side.



9. Spend Some Time at the Ray.

Working out is a great way to alleviate stress and get yourself moving when you’ve been stuck at a table in the library all day/night. Since the Ray Meyer Fitness Center is open until 11:30pm during the week, fitting in a quick jog or workout is not as hard as it might seem.

10. Appreciate the Little Things.

School can feel overwhelming during this time, which makes it important to focus on small ways to ease your mind and reduce your stress. Even if it’s simply taking a different route on your walk home in order to catch the sunset, take some time to reset.


– Aggie Kallinicou