10 Unique Aspects of DePaul

DePaul truly is a university unlike many others. Here are a few things that set it apart from other schools you may be considering:

1. Location.

DePaul’s location in one of the most exciting cities in the country is one of the primary reasons I chose to come to school here. Chicago offers so much to do and see that sometimes it can even be overwhelming. You definitely won’t get that at a state school in the middle of nowhere or even a smaller city. 


 2. Service.

 As someone who participated in a lot of service work in high school, I wanted to continue to do   so in a university setting. From service-learning classes to events such as Vincentian Service   Day, DePaul encourages students to get involved with service in a variety of ways that are easily   accessible. 

 3. Unique Majors.

Since I came into college undecided, I needed a school that would be able to offer me a wide range of choices when it came time to decide. DePaul has majors such as Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies and minors like Food Studies that are uncommon at other schools. 

 4. Independence.

 Going to school at DePaul presents challenges that students at other   universities may not face, but I see this as a pro rather than a con. You will not be sheltered from   the real world, but placed right in the middle of it. Living in a city like Chicago forces students to   learn quickly and adapt to new situations. 

5. “The City Is Your Campus,” our cheesy (but accurate) slogan.

With an unlimited CTA pass at your disposal, you could potentially explore the entire city and surrounding neighborhoods during your time at DePaul. Students are encouraged to take advantage of their surroundings and spend time in a variety of areas of the city. You will not experience living in an isolated bubble as is the case at many rural schools or those that are located in college towns. 

 6. Food.

 The sheer amount of incredible, world-renowned restaurants in Chicago can be   overwhelming. Luckily there are quite a few affordable, hole-in-the-wall places for you   to discover. 

7. Work Opportunities.

I was able to secure an internship during the Fall of my freshman year, which is not common at many other schools. DePaul offers many opportunities to get connected with local organizations and create internships tailored to fit your individual plans. 

 8. Music/Entertainment.

 As I’ve written many times before, the music scene in Chicago is   unparalleled. With so many shows offered every night of the week, there’s something for   everyone’s taste. 

9. Connections.

Many of my professors are well-connected within the city, which has helped me to get involved with a variety of organizations I would have otherwise not known about. Taking the time to get to know your professors and their backgrounds can go a long way. 

 10. Unique Events.

 For many of my classes I have been required to attend events outside of class, and these   have ranged from film screenings and lectures being put on by other universities or   institutions to visiting cultural landmarks like the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Being   surrounded by a variety of other schools gives DePaul students even more opportunities. 


– Aggie

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