10 Tips for Starting College

  1. Don’t Overpack 

It may be tempting to pack everything in your closet and every little thing in your room. However, chances are you won’t have space for all those things. Bring things that you know you will need and seasonal clothes. If you feel like you need something, ask your parents to send it to you so you don’t cram your room.

 2. Participate in Events Early On

 Take advantage of all the fun events that are put on in the beginning of the   year. They are designed to welcome the freshman and are opportunities to   meet a bunch of new people at. Looking back at my freshman year, some of   my best memories are from those events.

3. Don’t Go Home Every Weekend

It may be tempting to go home every weekend if your homesick. But use this uncomfortable time for personal growth. Get out of your comfort zone, talk to some new, or explore the city with a group of friends!

 4. Call Your Parents or Siblings 

 A great way to curb homesickness is to call your parents or siblings and tell   them about your day. In my first week of college, I called my mom every day.   It’s helpful to talk to someone you’re comfortable with through this transition   in your life.

5. Get To Know The People That Sit Next To You In Class

At first, it may be intimidating to talk to someone you’ve never met before. However, getting to know the people in your classes can help you form study groups and meet new friends. Chances are you may be in the same class in the future and can help each other out.

 6. Get Involved 

 Take part in the fall involvement fair! Learn about all the clubs and   organizations that DePaul has to offer. You’ll meet people with common   interests as you which may lead to new friendships down the road.

7. Make Time For You

The first few months of college are overwhelming. It feels like you are constantly surrounded and talking to new people. Take time for yourself to unwind from an emotionally draining time. Meditate, workout, read a book, find something to keep yourself centered.

 8. Learn About the Resources Available

 DePaul has a ton of resources available for its students. Some of my   favorites are Public Escort which will take you from one part of the campus   to the other and free HBO movies for anyone who lives on campus!

9. Remember Things Take Time

Don’t be overwhelmed with the fact that you don’t have a huge group of best friends within the first week of college. Remember that relationships and friendships take time to grow. Everyone finds their place with time, so stay hopeful.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

This is a big transition in your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your professors or a tutor if you are struggling in a class, to seek a counselor if you are overwhelmed with the changes in your life, and most importantly don’t be afraid to talk to your parents about what is going on in your life.

– Ania Tyrawa