10 Tips for Living in Dorms

  1. Search for a Roommate in DePaul’s Freshmen Facebook Group

Instead of immediately going random, try to connect with a potential roommate in DePaul’s Facebook group. And if that doesn’t work out, go random. 

 2. Learn About Each Residence Hall

 Each of DePaul’s residence halls offer completely different experiences. Some   have communal restrooms, others are known to be more/less social, and a few   are further from the L. Do your research and learn which one is best for your   needs. 

3. Plan What to Bring

Before moving in, try to coordinate with your roommate(s) about what essentials to bring. Some essentials include: your microwave, mini fridge, and hand soap. 

 4. Take Advantage of Public Safety Escorts

 Any time after 6PM until 6AM, all students are able to call Public Safety and ask   for a ride to any residence hall, building, and even the L. It’s almost like having a free Uber/Lyft to take you wherever you need, within the bounds of campus. 

5. Get to Know Each Other’s Schedules

If you end up living in a dorm with private restrooms, try to coordinate with your roommate(s) and suitemates about showers. In the end, just try to be courteous of each other’s schedules.  

 6. Communicate About Having Guests Over

 Be mindful that you’re living with others and they might not be comfortable with having   guests over at any time. Your roommate might want a heads up that you’re having guests in   your room so they can plan accordingly. 

7. Learn to Maximize Your Space

If you’re planning on living on campus, learning how to maximize your space is essential. As such, I highly recommend purchasing collapsible bags, which will minimize the amount of space your move-in supplies take up

 8. Make an Effort to Get Along with Your Roommates

 Before moving into your dorm, get used to the idea that you may not be the best of friends with   your roommate(s). And that’s okay. Just remember to be respectful, and all should work out. 

9. Wear Headphones

Though this may be a no-brainer, wear headphones whenever listening to music or watching shows on your laptop. Just because your roommate(s) have similar taste in music as you, doesn’t mean they want to hear it out loud. 

 10. Never Go Anywhere Without Your ID

 Your DePaul ID is quite literally your “key” to all things DePaul related. Your ID grants   you access to your residence hall, dining hall, and select classrooms. 

– Maya Franco