10 Tips for Finals During a Pandemic

1. Understand that Feeling Distressed and Confused During Times like these is Completely Valid.

Be sure to take the time you need to process the situation and how you feel about it; keeping these things pent up can have a negative effect on you later on.


 2. Find Support Amongst Your Peers.

 Be active in your group chats, offer (or ask for) tips on studying and stress   management. They are going through the same thing you are, you are not   alone. 


3. Check Your Email Often.

During times like these, news is coming in by the hour and you will want to be in the loop.

 4. Say Your Goodbyes.

 DePaul is unique to other universities as the majority of students live off-   campus after their freshman year. It is likely that you will not be seeing some   friends and peers and often as you’re used to. Make your last conversations   meaningful.

 5. Monitor Your Own Health.

Pay attention to how you are feeling in the coming days and remember that–while your finals are important– your health comes first. Contact the university if you believe your circumstances are extenuating.


 6. Have a Long Trip Home?

 Use this travel time to study and/or work on your finals. Take breaks to snack   or sleep.


7. Maintain Open Lines of Communication with Professors.

They will, hopefully, be empathetic towards your situation and there is no harm in sending a courteous email requesting an final extension if you feel you need one.

 8. Find Your Space at Home.

 Doing a final in your bed might have cut it in high school but it’s not a habit   you want to keep through college. Try to find a desk or table you can work at;   it helps if this can be in a quiet or private space where you can maintain your   focus. 

9. Lean on Your Family.

If you are fortunate enough to have a support system at home, use it. Having people to vent to or ask for advice will be a helpful resource while you navigate online finals.

 10. Do Your Best.

 Your life has just been uprooted; your mental and emotional health are likely   not in the ideal state for finals season and that is not your fault. Do the best   you are capable of, overcome adversity and do not blame yourself for not being at the top of your game. You have the rest of your college career ahead of you and one day you will be able to look back on this road bump and see it as nothing more than that.

– Sophie Longo